About grounded

The word "grounded" has a couple of meanings that help to define us.


Firstly, we attract and retain people that are "grounded". We are real, honest and always prioritize doing the right thing - for customers, suppliers, employees and the environment.

Secondly, our passion is the "ground" and how we can design phenomenal outdoor spaces the stimulate, engage and energize. Our expertise is centered on a deep awareness of the many factors that have to be considered when altering the ground. We bring customers along on the journey to transform their space so that they leave the engagement with a new enlightened perspective on their ground.


Our Process

Our process consists of four key stages; initial consultation, design, contracting / scheduling, and construction. Throughout the process our strong customer orientation is evident in how we listen, respond and generally engage with our clients. This approach creates a shared sense of alignment and ownership for the project.


Initial Consultation

A designer travels to the customer's home and assesses the land and listens to the vision and aspirations of the customer. The designer marries the customer's desires with the needs of the land to form a preliminary perspective of the project.

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Draft Design

The designer maps the property and creates a comprehensive landscape design with the detailed plant and material break-down.  

Contracting & Scheduling

The designer and the customer meet to review the design and build break-down. If the customer decides to move forward with the project the contract is signed, a deposit is paid and then the work is scheduled.  



Our professional construction crews complete the project and the designer remains the customer's sole point of contact throughout the work. 


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